Western Nebraska Models and Photographers

What is WNMP? A group of individuals who get together to have fun making pictures

Who belongs?  Models and photographers from Nebraska and Colorado; surrounding states are also welcome.

Why do we exist?  WNMP provides a safe environment to meet people and work together.

Where do we hold events?  So far, central and western Nebraska.

Who's in charge? Each event has an organizer.  There is a group of officers, but no president.

How do we get new members?  Word of mouth, recommendations and recruiting.

How much does it cost?  It is free.  We all pay for our own supplies and transportation.

Can anyone join?  Sure, weíre friendly.

Are there age requirements?  At least 14 years old.  Some events are for restricted to 19 and older.

Will this help me get on Americaís Next Top Model?  Itís a step in the right direction, but it only gets you 1% of the way there.  Youíll get some nice photos for your portfolio and experience too.

How do I join? Contact one of the members below.

Need additional information?

Interested in Western Nebraska Models and Photographers? If so, you may contact any staff member listed below.

Who State Talent Telephone email
Gary Peters Nebraska Photographer 308-534-3267 or (308)539-4328 gdpeters1@charter.net
Susan Peters Nebraska Photographer 308-530-1327 or (308)534-3267 sspeedb@yahoo.com
Brenda Lemmer Nebraska Model 308-520-0222 sunsetlf@charter.net
Kathy Roe Nebraska Model 308-532-1796 kdlroe@hamilton.net
Mike Burg South Dakota Photographer 605-390-6293 7hillsphoto@gmail.com
Paul Nuber Colorado Photographer 970-227-8532 paul@pozim.com

Rules and Regulations? read our WNMP Code of Conduct

Upcoming Events:

2011 events

Times and directions will be posted at later dates.  If you have any questions you may contact Gary at 308-534-3267, evenings, or e-mail at gdpeters1@charter.net.

Past Events:

What should I wear?  That depends on where we are going.  The shoot announcements will have suggestions.

Links to interesting stuff:

There are 2 Yahoo groups where you can see more of our work.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wnm_p is for all members and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adultwnm_p is for adult members.

Our message board www.glamourforum.com/nebraska.

Paul's stories about previous shoots: June 2005, June 2008, August 2008, June 2009

WNMP History

Western Nebraska Models and Photographers was organized in 2003, by Dale Peters, Gary and Susan Peters of North Platte, NE, and John and Dawn Clifford, of Fort Collins, CO. The first group photo shoot was held June 2004 at North Platte, NE.

The 80 member group of models, photographers and make-up artists are from Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Missouri and Iowa. Most group members are amateurs or hobbyists, though it does have a sprinkling of professionals. Ages range from 14 to retirement. The group travels to other locales outside the North Platte area, but most photo shoots are located in the west central Nebraska region.

WNMP welcomes anyone with similar interests no matter your locale. There are no membership fees. The group is a wonderful opportunity for portfolio development, working, meeting and sharing with others, and the honing of skills in a safe and controlled environment.